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Quilt show pics

Still working on the Blueberry socks. Just two more inches and I can do the toe decreases.

Things are blooming in the garden. The peonies, rhododendrons, pyracantha, irises, wild roses and there are buds on all four of my other roses that are about to burst open.

The garden was left untouched yesterday since I went to the quilt show. Here are some of the quilts I saw at the show. I was pleased as punch to realized that friend Cheryl has quilted the Best in Show three years running now. Instead of loading individual pics I created a Smilebox for you.

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Have a wonderful day!

goals anyone?

One thing I always like to do was post my goals for the month and then see where I was at when the month ended.

So, I'll start:

1)  Birthday block communities blocks
2)  2 months of  the block of the month community blocks
3)  Try to get a quilt quilted (my lonestar quilt or my Team quilt)
4)  work on my Mixed Tape quilt that I started cutting last week.
5)  binding on my french braid quilt

I think that's overly ambitious for me right now

Last quilt I finished...hmm

Oh! I remember which it was. It was a Project Linus quilt, so I don't have a fully finished picture, but it looked sort of like this, except in the picture the top is upside down on the backing:

Looking through my files,I realize I have not taken 'finished' pictures of a whole lot of quilts!!

My last finished quilts

Were for my new grandson, born in November 2010.


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What counts as a UFO?

My local guild is having an Un-Finished Objects Challenge this year: List all your outstanding work, broken down into steps if needed. For each step completed, you get a star. For each increment of 5 stars, you get that % off your next purchase at our host shop. The person with the most stars at the end of the year gets a gift certificate.

So I'm wondering, what counts as an Un-Finished Object? Clearly, the tops count, and so do the block sets, and the things rolled up on various design walls. What about fabric that's been bundled with it's pattern for three years and I still want to make it? What about that stack of fabric that was originally bought for a specific quilt, but I'm not sure I like the pattern anymore? Does fabric I bought thinking 'oh, those go nicely together' count? I sure hope having bought a pattern and thought idly about what colors to make it doesn't count. I'm not going to count it, anyway! What do you consider a UFO?

Heat and bond

I just got a Cricut (the scrapbooking tool) and have been having a lot of fun taking it to quilting. Mostly with appliqué shapes and a lot of them were drawn on steam and seam and then transferred to fabric. Do you think that a buttonhole machine appliqué stitch would be sufficient for a used quilt? Or would you say it had to be satin stitch?

And one set was such an intricate cut that I used heat and bond to actually cut the fabric with the Cricut. I'm thinking about not appliquéing it down but quilting over it instead to attach it. Is that safe if it ever gets washed? I don't want to have it fray since it's a really thin (~1/4") appliqué piece but it's so small and intricate and I'm nit sure I have the patience to tack all the edges down. I'd put a picture up but don't know how;)


Two small quilts

I went and picked up the two small quilts from friend Cheryl yesterday - she does such wonderful quilting on her long arm. For scrap quilts they turned out absolutely wonderful. I just took left over blocks from another project and sliced them up and put them all back together again.

Can't wait to see what they will look like after I wash them. Just love how quilts get all crinkly.

The Small Quilt and its quilting

The larger quilt and its quilting

The backing for both


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