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Friday Five

1. Do you decorate you home with quilts? They reside on the beds, in the cat baskets & on the couch. If I ever quit making quilts for everyone else, there will be more around the house. Last year daughter Jane sent this stunning quilt for Christmas. It will be displayed on the wall in the new family room off the kitchen when I finish working on it. The quilt was made by her friend Ferrett (www.ferfab.co.uk). Before we were lucky enough to receive it as a gift it had been exhibited and won awards.

2. Do you make wall quilts for holidays decorations? No –I’d rather make quilts to crawl under on cold winter nights.

3. Eggnog or Hot Cocoa Eggnog

4. Do you own any green/red notions? Yes, the usual pincushion, thread, cutting mat.

5. Picture time - share an image of how you celebrate December (it can be anything) see my journal at http://pds-lit.livejournal.com/

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