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Embellished Friday five

1. Do you have or use a embroidery sewing machine? My sewing machine does very basic embroidery. If you're talking about the specialized embroidery machines - no, and to tell you the truth, I don't get the appeal. I have no desire to have one.

2. Have you done hand embroidery? Yes.

3. Did you grandmother embroider? She did, off and on, although she wasn't what you would call a "crafty" person in general. I think it was my mother who taught me to embroider, no my grandmother.

4. Would you like to learn? I would like to learn more different stitches. Luckily there are some really good websites for that, or there used to be, anyway! (I haven't looked lately.)

5. Do you have any pictures with embroidery in them to share? Of course!

Here's a crazy-quilt block I did a few years back:
crazy-quilt block #2

This is about the only machine-embroidery I've ever done - little mini-stockings that I gave to my co-workers one year:
crazy-quilted stockings

My mom was a good embroiderer - she made at least one redwork quilt (which unfortunately I don't see a picture of, offhand) and here's my very favorite of her cross-stitch pieces:
Mom - cross-stitch sampler


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Jan. 25th, 2008 02:59 pm (UTC)
wow, that is some embroidery on that quilt block!
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