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Friday again

1. What is your favorite day of the week? Friday, I guess - for the usual reasons. Weekend coming up and all that.

2. What's your favorite kind of fabric?  Batiks. We'll go with batiks. I like a lot of kinds of fabric, actually.

3. Can you believe it's March already? Definitely not. I suspect that February 2007 is going to be the Lost Month in my memory.

4. What do you collect (besides fabric)? Junk.

5. Quickest project time (and picture please)? I tend not to do very fast projects. However, I guess this one qualifies: I decided to make crazy-quilted stockings for my co-workers a few years ago, and the seams are machine-embroidered. They were fast and they came out really cute.

crazy-quilted stockings


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(Deleted comment)
Mar. 4th, 2007 04:31 am (UTC)
It was generic because I don't have quite enough of anything to constitute a collection. I just have... junk.
Mar. 3rd, 2007 03:05 pm (UTC)
the stockings are very cute!
Mar. 5th, 2007 12:01 am (UTC)
Those are adorable!
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